RENZA Obsidian


Our latest project turned out incredibly well. The client's brief was simple: "Give me a black wall, like a piece of  obsidian".

Not everyone would be brave enough to ask for a wall of highly polished black and yet the end results are truly breathtaking and make a big impact. RENZA Obisidian is not for the faint of heart, it is for the type of person that knows exactly what they want and are not afraid of bold statements. 

Dark colours lend themselves very well to highly reflective effects - the wall becomes like a mirror. The client decided in the end for a slightly more subtle shine where the reflections from windows and lights melt seductively into the wall. An even higher depth of shine is possible though if you would like a truly mesmerising finish. As with all other walls, a matt finish is another alternative giving more the effect of slate or stone.

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